The Sponge-Mind Effect

Things in frequent use don’t change easily Many people commented that my teaching is profound and unique. If that indeed is the case, then why do some of my students behave like they are not really benefiting from my teaching, nor do they practice my teachings in their daily lives? Many seem to have the […]

True Practice

Master: Good evening, how is your practice today? Student: Master, I have a very nice practice today. I felt that I connect to the rest of practitioners and it was a very nice feeling and sensation. I am wondering if it is because this group now is integrated and why this happens.” Master: Your mind […]

Be Aware of Bad Thoughts

When our mind is not calm, first we have to check where the wandering thoughts or worries come from.  All worries and emotions are associated with ego. Sometimes, we think we have a lot of problems, but we do not know how to fix them.  It’s because we do not really want to face them.  […]

The Real Zen Center—Our Mind

Mexico Zen Center is celebrating the anniversary today. I think that the best gift for the Zen center is your sincerity, your practice, and your effort. The real center is at the bottom of your mind. The center you celebrate now is the phenomenon center, not the real center. When you come to this place, […]

When you are eating, just eating

When you are eating, just eating without wondering thought When you are sleeping, just sleeping without wondering thought When you are walking, just walking without wondering thought When you are sitting, just sitting without wondering thought If you are doing so, you are a Zen practitioner Do what you need to do in daily life […]

Do you know where the wind comes from?

Do you know where the wind comes from If you know that means you are awakened If you do not know Try the south and you will find it – 03/21/2013   Avalokitesvara Buddhisattva Compassion is the principle of life – 04/19/2013   Who is in the space and look after you all the time […]

Truth of Life

Since the moment of our birth till the present, we set many goals. Some of those goals have been achieved, but we continue to pursue others despite the consequences they could bring. The pursuit of worldly accomplishment will never end, because what we want is really an inner state of peace of happiness that does […]

The Richest Reward

The only purpose in the practice of Zen is to master one’s mind and one’s own tools, which are thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you know how to manage your mind, you will know how to manage your reality. Everything will change if you elevate your thoughts and correct your actions. A student once told me […]

Truth of your Thoughts

Every single person possesses a mind.  The mind is formless. Your mind can generate all kinds of thoughts, and therefore it can generate different brain waves. So, thought is a kind of energy. In physics, the principle of energy is that it cannot be divided. Thought is energy, the physical body is energy, the atmosphere […]

Mind Essence of Zen Practices and Actualizations

aka: Mind Essence of Entering the Hua-Yen Phenomena Realm   Imperturbable Mind Regarding Phenomena – All phenomena are conditioned and impermanent, coming and going freely with myriad forms, bright and clear like the cyclic alternations of the sun and moon in the void. Regardless of desire and aversion, form appears just as it should be, […]