Refrain from Discursive Speculation

The practice of Buddha dharma is not based on discursive thinking; one should not take what he sees, hears, perceives and thinks as definitive.

To Abide in Essence is Cultivation

Essence is the source of life. Essence is that which has dominion over all things and manifests according to conditions in every aspects of reality.

The Meaning of Zen Dharma Transmission

Zen dharma transmission is achieved through the Mind Seal. Accordingly, the disciple must realize the innate Mind, and he must receive confirmation from a master.

The Formless Mind

The mind is formless. This formless mind is not empty, it can generate function. Everything in existence is all from the mind. The mind is the source of life.

The Real Practice

The essence of Zen is to realize the source. The mind can manifest. But everyone’s mind manifests through a pattern.

What is the essence of Buddhism?

If we review this Koan, Ling Tse master asks “what is the essence of Buddhism?” the main essence is mind, nothing beyond the mind.

Where Are You From?

When Ling Tse master went to visit Da Yu master, Da Yu master asks him “where are you from?” Ling Tse master says “I come from Longpor.”

True Questions

Master Ling Tse before he had attained enlightenment, lived in the monastery and never asked any questions for 30 years to his enlightened master.

Formless Mind

In Buddhism we say you have to practice and take all the burden upon yourself. Wherever your mind is, that’s where the phenomena is.

Practice With A Goal

In practice we have to strengthen our ability to cultivate our own thoughts. So just like I said, if you want to solve the problems of a human being, you have to let go of habits and our karma.