Completely Aware Sutra

“Virtuous ones, the unsurpassed Dharma King possesses great dhāraṇī-door, named as ‘Completely Aware.’ Flows out all purity, suchness, Bodhi, nirvana and paramitas, teaching bodhisattvas. 

Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva practicing deeply prajna paramita at the time illuminates the five skandhas are all empty, crosses beyond all adversity and suffering.

Practice the Way Soon Without Delay

It was often said, “The Buddha Dharma that is rare to hear, now has been heard; the human body that is difficult to obtain, now has been obtained.”

Refrain from Discursive Speculation

The practice of Buddha dharma is not based on discursive thinking; one should not take what he sees, hears, perceives and thinks as definitive.

To Abide in Essence is Cultivation

Essence is the source of life. Essence is that which has dominion over all things and manifests according to conditions in every aspects of reality.

The Meaning of Zen Dharma Transmission

Zen dharma transmission is achieved through the Mind Seal. Accordingly, the disciple must realize the innate Mind, and he must receive confirmation from a master.

The Formless Mind

The mind is formless. This formless mind is not empty, it can generate function. Everything in existence is all from the mind. The mind is the source of life.