Buddha Calendar Year of 3047—Gengzi Eve Dharma Words

February 11, 2021

December thirtieth is turning point,
New Year’s Eve sending away the old no longer foolish,
Sounds of firecrackers hasten to dawn,
Rising sun naturally brings spring sunshine.

All practitioners observe these past days, disasters still frequently occur. Fortunately, there are blessings from Three Jewels, support from Dharma guardians, and support from all practitioners, so there is a pure land to help and secure the sangha for practicing. Very fortunate! An old saying: The past is like a dream and the future is like clouds. As Buddhas’s disciples, how can we slack off and indulge ourselves? Haven’t you read the verse of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva admonishing the public? It states: “This day has already passed, and our lifespan is decreasing. This is just like a fish living in a shrinking pool of water. How is there joy? Everyone should practice diligently just like saving head from being burnt.” This is heartfelt saying.

It is the end of the year. Everyone should tidy up hands and feet, examine gain and loss, with great effort practice the Way, seeing phenomena is knowing the Mind, knowing the Mind is seeing phenomena, not separate from the origin, also practice benefiting self and benefiting others. Thus, we won’t let down Buddha and patriarchs’ deep grace. Moreover, we won’t let down our spiritual root of goodness. Listen to mountain monk’s Original Mind Verse, saying:

Every phenomenon just as such, How can it be reciprocated?
Silver bowl holds snow, Crane hides in bright moon.
The great virtue is life giving. Thousands of kalpas are like this.
Throughout time, constantly clear and bright,
Myriad phenomena always freely liberated.
Boat flows without flowing. Not dwelling at ferry port.
Nature of the Mind does not attach to all dharma,
Silence and awareness is as such.
Depart from conventional patterns, Do not lean to the void.
Original parents before birth. The place where Huatou is broken.
Raise doubts constantly and densely, Naturally obtain enlightenment.
Penetrate all the way through, Show the right path to all.
The sun does not partially illuminate, In the space big step walking,
Alone tread on the earth, Why worry about coming of the last day?

Mountain monk has no virtue and talent. On New Year Eve, only saying a few words offering to all good people.

Humbly Wish! Humbly Wish!