2021 New Year Day Celebrate and Praise

February 11, 2021

This is the time of the new year, we should reflect upon ourselves. In this new year, how good is our practice? And where is our practice going to?

The ancient says: If it can be new every day, it should be kept fresh every day, and if it is new, it must be renewed. Who can escape from the time knife approaching us? The knife of time kills us all. Relying on Patriarch Bodhidharma passing on the Mind seal from patriarch to patriarch, which allows us to realize there is a sacred place to settle down. This place cannot be seen by mundane eyes, and cannot be obtained by consciously understanding. You can only realize it through self comprehension and enlightenment. This is like a person drinking water knowing whether it is cold or hot.

Those who realize it may feel that mountain monk shows off, cannot bear to pinch. Those who do not realize it become rigid like the iron wall which does not have an entering point.

Show Keys:

Entering the Way, one must be firm and perseverant. How can you wait for another year? Empty flowers all over the sky. How can you follow and flow with the external conditions? Nevertheless, you cannot stay at the empty side either.

All practitioners should know that today is the first day of new year. Be prudent! Be careful! Don’t miss the time for celebration and praise! If miss the time, carry it but cannot return back! Next year, you must realize it. Today is the New Year Day, who can say a phrase to celebrate and praise?