True Questions

November 3, 2017

Master Ling Tse before he had attained enlightenment, lived in the monastery and never asked any questions for 30 years to his enlightened master. For 30 years not one question.  Zen masters don’t have questions to ask, because they need to cultivate a question from their mind and the question has to be closely related to their mind and their practice. And once you have this type of question in your mind, you are close to finding the answer.

Nowadays practitioners ask lots of questions that they get from books and reading. These questions are not related to their life. That’s why those questions don’t help them at all, even when they receive the answer.

Now practitioners like to window shop, and ask about different teachings. Even when they gather all the information, their life doesn’t change.

When you ask a question deeply related to your practice, those questions are worthwhile to receive an answer. When you practice, ask yourself if your practice is a true practice or a false practice. Only true practice has true questions. False practice generates a lot of false questions. These false questions are not related to your life and not worthy of answering. Only true questions will benefit you.