Aware Your Thoughts

September 27, 2017

If similar problems keep happening to you again and again, that means you haven’t uplifted yourself yet. Because your habits in your mind haven’t changed. That is why your life hasn’t changed. Phenomena cannot be created by themselves. Phenomena created by your mind, by your thought. So when we practice, we have to have a true understanding of this.

So in order to cultivate our ability to be aware of our thoughts, we have to practice by getting rid of our stronger habits first. From day to night, there are limited thoughts we can be aware of. You can try to examine yourself and see how many thoughts you are aware and in control of.

In practice we have to strengthen our self-awareness. The thief inside your house is the most difficult to catch, because those patterns work for you every day every moment unconsciously. When you say “I don’t know why this keeps happening to me” you think that is an excuse, but actually it is not an excuse at all. It is because you are not aware of your thoughts.