September 13, 2017

From morning to night. How many thoughts are you actually aware of? So think about it, how much can you change?

In Buddhism we say that you have to be aware of each thought in your own mind. To be aware you have to have mind equality. With mind equality, we don’t differentiate. So we have to practice, practice meditation, practice to calm our mind. We have to be aware of what kind of habits we have.

If we like to eat too much, then we may have to correct that. Don’t indulge that desire too much. And if we like to sleep too much, we have to stop indulging in that type of habit. So that is the purpose of practicing perception. Practice observing our own perceptions, especially when these perceptions limit our own pattern.

To help us be aware of what kind of attachment we have. It is like to catch a thief. Every thought generated from our mind we have to be aware. We have to be able to catch thieve that come into our house. If we have some special habit that is too strong, that habit will consume our life unconsciously.