Everything Is Within You

September 6, 2017

Everyone possesses the mind. Everyone’s mind has the same function: to generate thought. Only everyone’s pattern is different. So the mind manifests through this pattern phenomena that are matched to patterns. Patterns differentiate reality.

So everything is not outside of you. Every problem, every phenomena is actually within you.

So everyone encounters their own unique problem. If you don’t change the pattern in mind, then you still use the same way to differentiate your phenomena.

For example, in this empty space, everything is energy, the tables, chairs, everything is composed of energy. Just because our mind has a pattern and we recognize energy compositions as tables, chairs. And your recognition is different from others recognition. You create your own world. Others create their own world. Everyone creates their own world through their palpable mind. So everything in this world is manifested from this conscious mind, this mind with patterns.