Accept As Is

August 31, 2017

All mundane knowledge is too derogation. You have observer and object to be observed. It is always dualistic thinking. It is not real understanding from the source of life.

Science has it’s function and it’s uses, but it is not absolute. It may have perceptions, but it is not the truth. Because all science happens is based on conditions. And once the conditions disappear, the phenomena disappears.  Science is based upon repeated experience and data collected is merely tendency; there are exceptions. It is not of the truth. Medicine, science, and philosophy are all based on duality. Such knowledge may help us know a part of life, solve some problems in life, but it cannot take care of everything.

Like when we take medicine, it helps ease the symptoms of our illness, but the sickness is caused from our thoughts. So medicine helps to ease symptoms, but it cannot get rid of the root of the disease. So if we rely on pills, we have to have this understanding. That’s why we have such advanced medicine in the mundane world, but still there are lots of disease that have no cure. That’s because the medicine does not cure the root.

Because every phenomena manifests from the mind. So in our life, there is nothing that happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason, all kinds of factors decide what has happened. Everything that has happened is deserved, so you don’t have to think too much. You just have to accept it.  Because everyone’s mind will manifest through the pattern of your mind, creating your own world.