Buddha and Dharma

August 19, 2017

What is Buddha? What is dharma?

Everyone’s pure mind is Buddha. Since all phenomena are generated from the mind, all dharma comes from Buddha.

A lot of people don’t realize that Buddha is Buddha, dharma is dharma. They don’t realize that dharma is what Buddha teaches. The pure mind is the Buddha. All manifestations from the pure mind, Buddha, are the dharma. So the manifestations cannot be away from the essence.

Essence and manifestations are one.

Mind is Buddha. The essence of Buddhism is that all manifestations come from the mind. All the phenomena cannot exist beyond cause and effect and all principle rules and universal truths such as impermanence. Sutras are for teaching us how the mind manifest the phenomena.

In this mundane world, there are many different kinds of view points. Some of them may association with truth; however our mundane understanding has some errors, and is not perfect. That is why we have Buddhism.

We learn that the relationship of existence comes from our mind. And we know this principle so that we know how to change to the right thought to create manifestations. This is how we can augment our life.