Face Your Own Creation

August 5, 2017

Your appearance and how you were born are all manifestations of your own mind. In every moment, every change of your body of your thoughts is just to describe the truth of existence. It is important to know this truth.

However everyone has created a pattern in their own mind. Without this pattern we don’t know how to function. This specific pattern leads to specific karma, specific cause and effect. So right now how you look like is created from the pattern in your mind. Right now, the difficulties you encounter are created from the pattern in your mind. You have to truly understand this.

You have to face your own creation and take responsibility for what you have created. You have to face it and you have to learn to change the pattern in your mind. So you have to understand the habitual thinking pattern in your mind.

This pattern is created by yourself, and it is very unique and very individual, which is why the problems and karma you have are very unique. If you don’t have this type of understanding, no matter what type of method you use will be in vain. It will be just knowledge, that cannot really help you to change your mind.