Cause and Effect

July 22, 2017

All kinds of behavior cannot get away from thoughts. So every thought, reaction and result is to achieve the cause.

There are many different kinds of Buddhism; Tibetan, Mahayana. All just serve as a tool. A tool to help us achieve a certain type of goal. What kind of goal? To help us to be masters of our own mind. Then we can be masters of all kinds of manifestations in the world. This is the principle. If you don’t have this principle understanding. No matter what type of Buddhism you learn, it will be in vain.

So in Buddhism, every phenomena is a manifestation of the mind. It is a result of our thoughts. This is very fundamental and very practical. What kind of thoughts in your mind dictate what kind of actions and what kind of results will occur. Knowing that you have thoughts, which lead to actions, which lead to results is a kind of skillful means.

The reality is once you generate a thought, simultaneously the phenomenon exist. Whenever the cause exists, the result exists already. This happen simultaneously. So in every second of our life, every phenomena that we encounter is just an end result. Cause and effect is just to help us understand that everyone possesses a mind.