Lessons from Life

September 4, 2015

Life presents many lessons, You must realize how they originate and what they represent. You will then be able to complete each lesson calmly, even amid difficult circumstances. Sometimes we do not know how to handle our problems because we have never learned.

Life is like a school where if we fail the exam, we must go retake the lesson again and again. Once we pass the exam, the problem will disappear. The person who gains wisdom through self-reflection sees the lesson in a situation before it becomes a problem. The person who strives for wisdom realizes that he is the cause of each problem he encounters. Consequently, he learns from it.

By Comparison, the person who lacks wisdom will do little more than complain when he faces a difficult situation. He does not want to look within and change his thinking. He does not want to let go of his attachments. This person will repeatedly endure the same lessons.

Life is a very practical teacher, and occasionally it forces lessons upon us. So, if you encounter a problem, what can you do? What concept or attitude can help you? First, be calm and strong. Choose the attitude that empowers you to overcome the problem. Remind yourself, “This is a lesson for me. I should check within myself and learn how to overcome it. I will let go of my attachments so that I can resolve this problem once and for all.” You must adopt the right concept and attitude.

The real cause of your problem is the attachment in your mind. Identify it, and let it go. When you do, all the burdensome things will be released as well.