Start Over

June 6, 2014

The innate Mind has infinite creativity and can complete and manifest the reality that corresponds to your thoughts. The Mind is like a mother who has unconditionally loved and supported you from the past to present and will continue into the future.

Your current difficulties are the result of you misusing the resources and support your mother has given you – therefore you correct yourself. In other words, you negate yourself – the misused functions – but not the ability to function.

The wise know the truth and live according to its principles. The Mind is for you to use, it allows you to misuse it too; the Mind can produce flexibility but also rigidity. The Mind can generate any thought but why not the thought you want? Because your mind has been conditioned and become rigid.

Can you change the mind? Of course. Since you have the ability to make you into who you are today, you surely have the ability to recreate yourself in other ways.

When you do things right, encourage yourself because it shows that your mind is very wise. When you do things wrong, it means the mind is not so wise but has been indulging in erroneous ways. Whether optimistic or pessimistic, one’s life won’t change until one truly understands how life manifests and operates, and then you have a chance to change life and shape your future.

I give you apple, but you want pear;
Moving the flowers and grafting the trees produces strange flavors.
It would be best to start over in the field;
This way one has control over one’s own fate.