Mind is Reality, Reality is Mind

May 20, 2013

Everyday Realities are created and manifested by the Mind.
So where the Mind is, there is Reality, there is the Manifestation.
Mind is Reality. Mind is Manifestation.
Reality is Mind. Manifestation is Mind.
There is no separation between Mind and Reality.
Seeing the Reality is seeing the Mind. Seeing the defective Reality and change from within.
Keep the Mind with no thought and manifest its own purity is liberation.
This is the Mind-Seal of Zen practice.

– 5/11/2013


Practice is about how can we manage all aspects of lives to better places.
Do not mistake what is practice.
Do not focus on forms or deceived by forms.
Do not ignore your true problems and busying in outside world.
We should focus on uplifting our own thoughts, habits, thinking, relationships, difficulty.
What is in our Mind? It will automatically manifest and becoming our outside reality.
Reality never lies to you. Reality always tells the truth, tell what is in the Mind.
People’s definitions or perspectives, and they always distorted what the truth is.
If you deceived by forms, your effort of practice will become in vain.

– 05/09/2013


When different thoughts arise from your Mind
that will make you having
different karmas, different life styles
different identities, and also will create different problems in life

– 5/7/2013