Do you know where the wind comes from?

May 13, 2013

Do you know where the wind comes from
If you know that means you are awakened
If you do not know
Try the south and you will find it

– 03/21/2013


Avalokitesvara Buddhisattva
Compassion is the principle of life

– 04/19/2013


Who is in the space and look after you all the time
Keep looking inwardly you will know yourself

– 04/19/2013


Raise the mind, one hundred flowers bloom
Let go, clear like a mirror
To raise and to let go
In the mind understand no traces

– 03/18/2013

Summer begins, soft and colorful
Time resembles flowing light
The south wind slowly gathers blossoms in its arms
In the midst of night, flowers bloom all around
Fragrance permeates the air
The morning after, sweep the fallen petals

– 03/17/2013


If you can not change a worry thought
in that moment
all your practices are useless

– 02/13/2013