What is Truth?

May 1, 2013

Student: Master, what is truth?

Master: Truth is very simple, very clear, very obvious.  Truth is truth in itself. Every single truth doesn’t need your definition or your ideas.

If you try to define what is it then you are far away from the truth. Truth tells about itself. That is why I mention that it is obvious, and simple and very clear.  It is just as it is.

Your definition is from what you have learned in your past. That belongs to you.  If you let go of your own definition, truth will manifest itself, because truth is obvious and simple and clear. Just look at this cap, just look at this, if you don’t put a definition on this, everyone will have the same answer.

Where does the definition come from?  It comes from yourself, your background and what you have learned from the past. As a Zen practitioner you need to look inwardly and be able to face your own defection. If you cannot face your own defection, you do not have the space to improve it. And your ideas will always be blocked by your illusion. You think who you really are, but actually you are not. This will block you from any progress.

We need to have flexibility in mind in order to manifest what it is. Most people when they see something, right away they have a definition to it.  And they don’t want to make their mind calm, they just want to express. When you start to express yourself, you lose the truth. First, we need to manifest the truth and to realize the truth.  And then we will have a chance to change it.

Truth is here, your definition is there.  For example, this is your company, a real company, all your employee problems are here, real problem is here. But if you put definition on it and you think this is a real problem and you start from there.  You try to change it from that foundation. But this is your illusion because the truth is here.  That is why you can never really fix it. Seeing the truth is very important, not following your definition, your knowledge.  I always tell students that only you can make who you really are right now.  No more or no less.

As a Zen practitioner just like myself, the key to being a practitioner is who you can see in yourself.  Who you really are decides what you can do. You can never do something beyond your ability, beyond your character because everything in this world is extensions of your personality, extensions of your own concept in mind. I always tell students- who can see the truth? Who has the high possibility to become a successful person? But the truth is simple.., clear, very obvious.  Now who can tell me, what this is?