Realize the Mind and realize the functions of the Mind, which is essential to create the phenomenon we want.
Life’s problems do not come about or disappear based on your wishes. Instead, they are determined by the thoughts that occupy your mind.
Each thought you have is a tool with which to create wholesomeness in life.
You are the Mind, and you have the ability to give rise to thoughts and functions. You have the ability to change the course of your life and fullfill your trues aspiration.
The Mind is by nature pure and free, so there is no need to seek elsewhere. The only task for us is to discover it, understand it and live in it.
Everything in life changes from one moment to the next. If we recognize this impermanence and live with it, we will be able to change our thoughts and find fresh opportunities in moment.

About the Monastery

Vairocana Zen Monastery is located in Garden Grove, California, in the sunbelt of Orange County. The Monastery features a state-of-the-art Zen Hall that provides Zen practitioners an excellent place to meditate, as well as Zen gardens. Vairocana Zen Monastery was founded with the purpose of clarifying the essence of Zen’s Mind teaching through a variety of skillful means. The Monastery offers Zen-Three and Zen-Seven retreats, as well as classes in meditation. In response to the Monastery’s growing popularity, branches have also been established in nearby city of Arcadia, California and Mexico City, Mexico.

Master's Words

BOOKS At A Glance

Intrinsic Awakened Nature

This book provides an important perspective on the similarities in Western and Eastern pursuit of eternity, happiness, and the ability to understand the meaning of life.

The Origin Is Pure

In The Origin Is Pure, Venerable Master Miao Tsan uses traditional Zen koans to reveal how to live in accordance with the nature of the mind

Just Use This Mind

In this eternal home, mind and matter are one. Here is a spiritual home that isn’t about temples or traditions.