Essence Of All Existence

You are more than the sum of your thoughts and emotions. You have potential for unlimited creation and growth, but you must employ the right tools of the mind. Each drop of water contains the taste of all water; every moment contains the essence of all existence. By Zen Master Miao Tsan


“I” represents the ego. The ego is the beginning of duality. And duality means separating inside and outside, self and others. So, dualistic thinking indicates the presence of ego. No matter how you try to compare yourself with others, there is always discrimination. Because ego is dualistic, you cannot perceive the essential equality among all […]

Pure Mind

If you focus your cultivation on the mind, you can eventually find peace. A peaceful mind will bring forth a better reality. If you have peace, you will know how to make better decisions. You will enjoy better interpersonal relationships. Your will treat people with compassion. Your relationship will be enriched by positivity. The body […]

Right Understanding

When an undesirable situation occurs and you blame someone else, this is the wrong understand of reality. Without the , you will naturally assume that someone else has caused the problem. Unfortunately, most people do not want to accept responsibility for themselves. The truth is, you and I create every aspect of our own lives. […]

Change Thoughts

Think about your own state of mind. Can you change a worried thought to a happy thought? Only if your mind is perfectly empty. If your mind is not empty, it still has ego. With ego, we cannot change our thoughts in order to improve our mental or bodily condition. by Zen Master Miao Tsan


Karma is created by each thought the mind generates, If you focus on the right practice, your karma can be changed. When your body is in harmony with your surroundings, you can focus on the practice. by Zen Master Miao Tsan

The Mind

At each moment, your formless mind can generate a thought, which manifests as phenomenon. When you are enlightened, you see the Mind without manifestation. You realize that all phenomena cannot be distinguished as to which is first or second, because everything manifests from the Mind simultaneously. By Zen Master Miao Tsan

The Creator

Remember that the Mind is formless but everything in existence comes from the Mind. It is the Creator, which we also refer to as the cause without cause. Based on this source, phenomena manifest. Enlightened beings are aware of existing phenomena but do not differentiate between them. The purpose of practicing meditation is to return to […]

Harmful Thoughts

You cannot build a good life with negative thoughts, because negative thoughts are the root of disease and misery. If you are unhappy, that unhappiness is proof that you have taken the wrong approach. First and foremost, your mind must be calm so that harmful thoughts will not overtake you. by Zen Master Miao Tsan

Right Understanding

Nothing beyond your mind. With the right understanding and introspection, you can determine whether your thoughts and emotions are harmful. You will realize whether your approach has been in error. When the right understanding prevails throughout your life, you will gradually move toward a state of peace. And you will experience lasting happiness and joy. […]