Master Your Living and Dying

Student:What is living and dying? Master:When thoughts go up and come down, this is one small process of living and dying. Our thoughts are habits.  Our feelings are habit. If we want to really have freedom, we need to start to have freedom of your thoughts. If you don’t have freedom of your thoughts, you […]

Sleepy in Meditation

Student: When I practice meditation after work, I am very tired.  Sometimes it is too hard.  What should I do? Master: Sometimes it can be difficult to practice meditation with mindfulness, especially with all the things that go on in our lives. One might feel tired after a day’s work, so at the time set […]

Tensions in Meditation

Student:  Master, when I meditate, I have tensions in my body. What should I do? Master: The practice of meditation is one in which we start to make a change and try to make our mind calm. At that very moment, we will experience lots of feelings, including wandering thoughts as they come from our […]

Wondering about wandering thoughts

Student: Where do wandering thoughts come from during meditation? Master: Every single moment your mind is working for you, and every single moment you have brainwaves. This is the sign that your mind is working; that it is creating thoughts. You can only remember some of the thoughts you create, but those are of consciousness. […]

Purify Your Mind

Student: Master, how do we deal with wandering thoughts in our practice? Master: Consider this example: The room we are in is full of junk, dust and trash, so what can we do? This is similar to a mind full of wandering thoughts, attachments and ego. What can one do but find a broom and […]

Pure Mind

Student: What is Enlightenment? Master: Enlightenment is a status of your mind. What kind of status is it? Enlightenment is the purity and tranquility of the mind. When your mind is tranquil, pure and aware, it is in the state of enlightenment. People have illusions, such as, “I am practicing,” or “I am trying to […]

Everything is in you

Student: What does propagating the Dharma mean? Master: The propagation of Dharma does not concentrate on a particular form: books, videos, conversations or talks. Truly, it is in your mind. People might think they can propagate the Dharma by e-mailing Buddhist associations and sending videos to everyone. I think this is one way. You can […]

Karma and I

Student: What is karma? Master:  Karma is the manifestation of your mind. When your mind manifests the reality or the truth, the reality of that manifestation is your karma.  If you feel you are unhappy with the reality, you will want to overcome some hindrances from your reality. People call these hindrances negative karma. They […]

Liberation and You

Student: Master, what is liberation? Does it apply to everyone? Master: When you can liberate yourself from your angry thoughts, this is liberation. When you can liberate yourself from your sickness, this is liberation. When you can liberate yourself from bad relationships with family members, colleagues or friends, this is liberation. When you can quit […]

Calm Mind

Student: How to stay calm in hectic daily activities? Master: When the situation comes up, one must first perceive the situation as it is. To do that, we need to have clarity and calmness of mind. We need to focus on what the problem really is. If we don’t pay attention to the core message […]