July 11, 2019

In the cold winter, a cup of nice herbal tea always make you feel great. This is a simple winter tea recipe which is warm, cleansing and without caffeine. Hope you will like it.


  • Dried Chrysanthemum: 3-5 pieces
  • Dried jujube: 5 pieces
  • Longan Aril: 5 pieces
  • Honey: 1 tsp



  1. place all the herb in a cup
  2. pour the boiling water, about 8oz, into the cup
  3. Cover the cup with the lid. Add honey after it cool down a little bit ( you can choose not to add honey too)

This tea recipe is for warming the body, had the chi flow, improve circulation. If your fingers and toes are always cold in the winter, this tea  will help to warm you up. Enjoy!