July 11, 2019

When life brings challenges, what can you count on for support? Can you get relief from a good book, some sight-seeing, or visit a park? Do you need to “talk it out” or “numb it out”? Can some food or music do the trick or maybe a pill or two? Perhaps a massage too. Maybe what you need is really just one good thought – you need to think it through and make sense of it. Maybe your religion or personal philosophy of life can help you through it, give you the strength to persevere. Nothing is real anyways – or perhaps everything is real – your reason philosophically. You think of it as God’s will or life’s lesson, or you can analyze the benefit and harm and decide how to deal with it. Maybe you try to accept it, be kind of practical and try not to think much about it. Maybe you try to look at it impersonally – it is karma, for the greater good. If you can find an explanation, that probably makes it all easier, you believe. Of course you can also work on the emotions – cheer yourself up or cry it out. Tell yourself it is okay or ask a therapist’s opinion. You can look into religion or get some help from family and friends. Share it on Facebook and see if people are sympathetic. You can even try to think positive and just meditate more, transcending it all. You can read more, read less; pray more or pray less; relax more or work less; think more or think less. Go away from it all with a vacation, go live in a foreign country for a while, get married or divorced, get into work and kids, get into hobby or be more active in social life. Get some excitement going or get some peace and quiet in a retreat. What are your favorite ways of dealing with life’s difficulties? In the end, the real questions are these: Can you really count on any of these things to work? Where is the resting place for all your worries? Are you there yet or is it just an idea?