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July 11, 2019

Should I or shouldn’t I? Some friends of mine are asking me about it. My 2cents is that if it will improve your life quality and/or create positive reality, then go for it. On the same token, Master’s teaching in the book did provide a guidance for all. “Most people are afraid that spiritual practice, being a process of withdrawal, will restrict their enjoyment of freedom. But ask yourself: Do you actually have more freedom without spiritual practice? Without spiritual practice are there really fewer limitations in life? If you reflect on this question honestly, it will become apparent that your sense of freedom is simply the delusion of the false self. The false self constantly seeks refuge in external factors that are always in a state of flux, and therefore it repeatedly loses the sense of existence derived from these unstable phenomena. If you make a genuine effort in your practice, you will benefit in every aspect of life, and your mind will become clear and subtle. To be a great practitioner you must cultivate diligently like a farmer, pay­ing attention to effort and the results of that effort. If the result does not match your expectation, then re-examine your method of cultiva­tion and renew your effort. This is the attitude of someone who takes responsibility for his reality.” Fa Hwa