July 11, 2019

As a followup to the “Real I” post a couple days a go, I’ve been trying to figure out how to put it into practice in daily life. To understand in theory is one thing; to put it into practice is much more life changing. And so, lately I have been contemplating this gong’an “There is no I.” It is very powerful practice! Whenever my mind starts giving arise to opinions, likes or dislikes, feelings and emotions, I just simply hold this one thought: “There is no I.” This one thought is able to cut off all other thoughts based on “I.” Then everything becomes no problem and letting go of habits and attachments becomes much easier. I want chocolate! There is no I. Oh okay, I guess I don’t need chocolate. I don’t want to do chores! There is no I, so stop being selfish and help out. I’m tired! There is no I, how can you be tired? See? Powerful huh? Hope this helps!