July 11, 2019

I was sick last week, very sick. At that time I do have the chance really spend some quality time with Master Miao Tsan’s book. When I read ” Physical body is the reflection of mind; when you have conflicts in one’s thoughts it will reflects as sickness in the physical body. The important thing is to find out what thought tangled and untangle it.” I read the sentence and believe that Master was just talking to me! I have believed that I learned the teaching of mind, but when sickness show up, I didn’t try the “mind “; instead I tried all medicine and lay in bed all day long and trying to find peace by reading master’s book. It is easy to understand master’s teaching, but how to use it?? I have so many thoughts which one is the one related to my sickness? I have so many thoughts which one is the one that I never generate the opposite side of thoughts or second guess of myself?? When I started to re-evaluate my thoughts, there are so many reason that can cause my sickness which one is the one that cause my acute sickness and how to untangle it? When I have so many questions then I really think do I really understand what master taught us? or I just recognize it and it was a very shallow impression in the very surface or my brain? Sickness is a good teacher isn’t it?