July 11, 2019

Student: What is real practice?

Master: Realize your mind and realize the abilities of your mind.  This is what we called practice.  Realize what is going on and what is happening, this is the practice.  Realize what kind of concept in mind caused problems in life, this is practice. When we have situations in life, we should ask ourselves that why do we make this happen and how do we make this happen? That is only solution for the problem encountered.  Mind have the freedom to create different type of phenomenon.  If we attached to the phenomenon, mind becomes passive and loses its freedom right away.  Remember, no matter what happen, the answer is already in our mind.  We are the only person who made the phenomenon and manifest it.  We are the only person who makes the phenomenon happen this way.  So realize the mind and realize the functions of mind, which will be able to create the phenomenon we want.