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July 11, 2019

Master gave an intriguing lecture today, which I will try to summarize. We are always getting into never-ending fights with the people close to us, because we keep trying to defend ourselves or fight back. We don’t realize we are stuck in an endless negative karma cycle. We should be unmoved by our surroundings, and take the punches others give or let it pass by us like wind blowing across our face. We owe them so we are paying our debts.We should be glad to return the debt, and not try and owe them more by fighting back. When things happen to be going your way, and you are collecting a debt from someone, don’t throw another punch and owe them instead. This is like a debtor collecting a debt from someone and then tripping that person, who then sues you for injury. Instead we need to work on our stability and calmness of mind; that is what is most important! If you practice hard and build up your stability, then when someone attacks you, you can just brush it off. Just like if someone is healthy and strong, they can take several punches in the gut and still be okay. However if you don’t have practice, it’s like being someone frail and sickly who gets punched once in the gut and gets knocked out. When you can count your breath, and focus on numbers without being swept away by wandering thoughts, you will also be able to stay stable and not argue with others and trade punches. So do not underestimate the breath-counting method as it gives you the strength to be calm and stable and not be affected by your environment. Whenever someone appears and says something that irritates or bothers you, just think, “oh this is a wandering thought that has come to carry me away” and return to calmness. Don’t follow the wandering thought and engage in fighting or bickering. This is practical application of the breath-counting method. After all, your thoughts are your environment as well.