July 11, 2019

Use the mind in positive ways. Constantly improve its expression.

The past is already the past. The past “you” was a creation of the mind. The past “you” is gone. The present “you” is the expression of the mind solely for this moment. Each moment is a separate phenomenon.

The Zen patriarchs said, “If you are lost in the previous thought, you are a sentient being; but if in the next moment you awaken to your true essence, then you are a Buddha.” In the previous thought, you have vexations and attachments. However, if in the next moment you perceive the empty, luminous and awakened nature of the Mind, you are the same as Buddha. So, the mind is the means through which all states of existence are expressed. Once you grasp this concept, you will have great freedom.

By Zen Master Miao Tsan