July 11, 2019

Christmas is around the corner. While running through the long shopping list for your loved ones, maintain a clear, peaceful mind will help you cope with the crowded parking lot and long check out line. Weed out negative thoughts, such as worry, fear, anger etc. Follow your heart and spread joyful spirit to your family members, to your coworkers, to your friends, to anyone you encountered, and especially to yourself as you are the centerpiece of all. Flower yourself and the rest will come along, just use this mind. “The Mind’s functioning is similar to a radio: If the reception has noise due to interference, we must change to a different station. Once the radio signal resonates with a clear incoming station, the interference will disappear. Solving a problem is like listening to a radio broadcast: When life is filled with noise and interference, we must change the station and adjust the frequency of their reality. We are exclusively responsible for every encounter in our life. We are the sole owner of our life, and all the joy, grief, suffering, relationships and situations are of our creation. To change life, just change how we function with our mind; only then will outside relationÂships and situations change–.”  Book “just use this mind” by Zen Master Miao Tsan — Fa Hwa