July 11, 2019

A meeting  in corporate America… Colleague A: “The deadline for this report is tomorrow.” Colleague B: “I am all booked tomorrow – can’t cancel the meetings.” Colleague C: “You have the analysis I sent out last week, right?” Colleague D: “If we are not done, we are not done.” Colleague E: “Did we ever promise a report?” Colleague F: “No, just a memo.” Colleague G: “Who was assigned to write?” ½. Colleague A: “½but I already submitted it this morning.” First of all, people can’t hear the truth because their mind is constantly interpreting and jumping to reactions. Colleague B: “½Good! I will report that as our accomplishment this month.” Colleague C: “Did you put the analysis I sent in the report?” Colleague D: “There is more to do, we just don’t have enough time.” Colleague E: “So we did promise to send a report!?” Colleague F: “No. I told you it’s just a memo.” Colleague G: “So you wrote it?” And people get attached to their own thoughts and can’t let go. Colleague A: “The next report is due in December.” Colleague B: “½Hey, I booked a trip to Europe already. My whole family is going.” Colleague C: “I will send you my analysis.” Colleague D: “So are you finally going to add all the details to this report?” Colleague E: “Did we promise a report in December too?” Colleague F: “Technically it is not a report, it’s a briefing.” Colleague G: “Who should be assigned to write it?” Finally, their attachments become habit, churning out the same thought again and again. And the most scary thing is½. THIS IS THE MIND THEY USE TO LIVE THEIR LIFE!!!