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March 31, 2015

Our thoughts change constantly. Our physical body changes constantly. The entire world changes constantly. This is all part of what we call impermanence. And impermanence is an inescapable fact of life. No one–not even Buddha—can escape it. Because everything is subject to constant change, we have two choices in every moment. We can change for the better or allow ourselves to become worse. There is only one purpose in life, which is to transform it for the better. This is the only path a human being should do. So first, accept reality as it truly is. Do not let habitual patterns define your reality. There is a Zen saying: “The most wonderful mind is like water.” Water can fit into anything. Only a flexible mind like water can accept reality, which is every-changing. Accept the reality that actually is created by you, and your life will flow like a river of joy.

by Master Miao Tsan