February 15, 2013

Student: Should we have all the relationship around us be positive?

Master: Yes, we should.  The relationships around us can make us feel happy, or they can make us feel angry or worried.  If you do not want to fix your relationship, it means you are trying to embrace the worry and anger.  You should look at the problem this way. Remember, phenomena are created.  Purify your mind to purify your relationship.  If you continue to uplift yourself, tangles in your relationships will be dissolved in a better way. A poor person is a poor person.  A poor person is so because he has very little money.  After you become rich, you are no longer a poor person.  So, do not engage a troublesome relationship right away.  Once you have uplifted yourself, the question and the problem will be dissolved.  Do not focus on the fact that you are poor, but instead focus on uplifting yourself.  Maintain a calm mind, and keep yourself happy.  Continue to have positive thoughts.  All conditions in mind will create the phenomenon that corresponds to its own status.  Do not engage difficulties right away.  It is similar to the experience of failing in school:  What can you do?  You can prepare well and try again.  The key to pass the examination is to prepare well.  One should not simply attend more examinations in the hope of passing it eventually.  Instead, prepare yourself well.