January 7, 2013

Student: Master, on a very down to the earth level, we create phenomena by decisions we make.  Is that correct?  For example, we are making a decision to open business; we are making a decision to travel.”

Master: Because we tend to think in very practical terms, we believe such phenomena are created through the decisions we make.  In other words, we make decisions and plan everything.  We think, based on our mind and concept, that we can plan and make a decision.  But remember, your plans, decisions and the status of your mind are created and designed by one alone: you.  Your concept is your decision, too.  The decision is already here, in the mind.  It is not the outside decision.  Still, they are related.  Outside decisions and outside plans are decisions with forms.  A concept is a decision without form. Before you make a decision or a plan, you should know that decisions have already been made because the basis is there.  In order to have a better decision, we should realize that outside decisions (forms) and inner decisions (concepts) are related.  This is because they are the basis of the mind.  They are on the same level; they are related, and they are created simultaneously.  Nevertheless, one tends to think, “Based on my concepts and based on my intentions, I make a decision.”  This is not so.  Decisions are already here, in your mind.  Decisions with forms, plans and letters are made already here, in your mind.  So, one thinks, “I make a decision . . . I make a decision . . . .”  What can be changed?  If you cannot change the basis of the real decision here–in your mind–you have neither a new plan nor a new decision.  It is because the decision has already been made here, in your mind.  This is very important.  We tend to tie ourselves down and make a decision, which is not the way it is supposed to be.  We should have a better way to make decisions, so that we can be uplifted.  If you can uplift yourself, the basis of the decision is changed.  As a result, you will have a better decision and a better plan.   Do not always stay on the same basis as you try to have a new plan, a new decision, a new life and a new goal.  If we cannot create a better phenomenon, it means we cannot get rid of our attachment in mind. Look at it!  Some practitioners will think, “The phenomenon is nothing and I don’t want to pursue it.”  They think phenomenon is not the reality.  However, this is totally wrong.  If you cannot put down your self-attachment and lift yourself up from the bottom of your mind, you will never change your life.  If you cannot change the basis of thinking in your mind, you will remain the same.  The better the phenomenon is, the better the mind is.  The better the mind is, the better the phenomenon will be. If our life has been tied down by phenomena, such as relationship troubles or certain situations, we are already tied down by the thinking pattern in mind.  We do not know how to open the realm, and consequently our practice has nothing to do with getting rid of phenomena.  As a real practitioner, you should be able to open the realm.  Before you try to open the realm, open your mind.   Open your mind first, and then you will be able to open the realm.  Once you have opened the realm, you can create a better phenomenon.  Of course, we need to live with phenomena.  Thoughts are phenomena.  Can you live without thoughts?  That is impossible.  Can you live without your physical body?  That is impossible, too.  Can you live without relationships?  No, they are essential.  This is why we have an obligation to uplift ourselves in order to live better.  Many practitioners think they are focused on the mind, but they have failed to realize what the mind is. Phenomena are like prints made by the mind.  Realize the mind through the form.  As everyday people, we should at least know this concept.  Many practitioners ignore the phenomena, so they can never learn from them.  Phenomena are prints of our mind.  The better the mind is, the better the phenomena are; the better the phenomena are, the better the mind will be.  This is the principle.  If you can follow, understand and realize this principle, you will have a better life.  Once you realize this, you can set any goal you like without a side effect.  You will know how to live with happiness, how to live in joy and how to enjoy life.  Otherwise, it will be as if you are trying to walk with your eyes covered.