December 8, 2012

Student:  Master, when I meditate, I have tensions in my body. What should I do?

Master: The practice of meditation is one in which we start to make a change and try to make our mind calm. At that very moment, we will experience lots of feelings, including wandering thoughts as they come from our mind. In our physical body, we may experience pain here and there. In the very beginning, you will find pains everywhere, so you will feel uncomfortable. You will feel uncomfortable from the bottom of your mind through the tips of your fingers, but this is normal and does not matter. It is okay, at least at the very beginning. We need certain methods in order to practice. When our mind can stick to the method, we will have focus in our approach. If we have focus and concentration, it will be easy for us to put down the sensation of our physical body. However, if we lose the focus, we will chase and follow the sensation. Different thoughts will cause different sensations in the physical body. The thought is here, and the sensation is here too. They occur simultaneously. Then you generate another thought, and you feel the sensation. This is another thought, and you feel the sensation. Each thought you generate will cause another sensation. So, you have a complete cycle in your mind. When your physical body is still, your shadow is still. When your physical body moves, you cannot force your shadow to stand still. When your physical body is still, your shadow is instantly still. Your shadow follows your physical body, and the sensation is following your thoughts. When you have focus or concentration, the sensation will stay there. So, it is very important to have concentration as you practice. If you lose your concentration, your mind will be a horse running out of control. It could go anywhere, but you cannot see it. It disappears. So, when we practice, we need to have focus and concentration. When we count the numbers, if the number is here, it means the focus is here; if the number disappears, it means our concentration has disappeared. Your mind works in a different way when you are not focused. If your mind is not working for you in the right way, it will work for you in a negative way. Remember, the mind never stops working. The moment your mind stops working for you, it is the time that people will prepare your funeral.