June 21, 2012

There is a not so fine line between rational thinking and rationalization. Today you find few truly rational people who apply the power of reason and logic to seek the right course of action in life. Instead, most people abuse the gift of reason to justify their unconscious desire. Those who abuse reason almost always see themselves as rational, having little doubt in the validity of their conclusions – which is actually driven by something unconscious. In such way they become confused by their own reasoning mind because desires by nature conflicts with one another – today you may want something but tomorrow you don’t – in fact you may even find what was attractive repulsive. An endless stream of justifications is produced not only to explain why you want something but also to excuse it tomorrow. That’s probably why you find many seemingly intelligent people filled with inner confusion – out of touch of their desires and confused by their reason or thinking. The complex web of thinking have no consistency as it tries to outwit itself day after day. In light of this, it is probably better if we can simply recognize our emotions and desires and stop the justification. At least then you are not fooling yourself about your inner state of being. Once you can honestly see what is happening with you,  you can go deeper beyond your personality self and realize the nature of who you are.