October 18, 2011

Student: How to live with impermanence?

Master: First we need to realize the meaning of impermanence — every single moment is changing. The thought is changing; our physical body is changing; the environment is changing. People have fears that they are going to lose everything including their life. Of course, it is due to  impermanence, everything will disappear in the future including your life. But, if you realize the true meaning of impermanence, the situation is going to be totally different. Every single moment is changing, which means that you have a chance to change yourself in every single moment.  If we can live with the idea of impermanence, it will be very easy for us to put down, to let go as  nothing you can hold on for even one second. If everything is permanent, we can never change ourselves. The present moment is the best opportunity you have, so do not postpone any task to yet “tomorrow.” Seize this opportunity to make a change!