August 18, 2011

Student:  What is the difference between conscious and subconscious?

Master:  Every single moment we have brainwaves.  That is the sign that your mind is working for you and your mind is creating thoughts.  But, you can only memorize some of the thoughts. That means you are aware of them including your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  We call that consciousness.  Sub-consciousness means that all wandering thoughts and habitual thinking patterns in mind. You cannot be aware of them, they just pop up. You do not have control and you are not  even aware of them.  In one day, 24 hours, how many thoughts do you have?  Countless.  How many thoughts do you remember?  You do not even know they appear in your life.  It is countless.  We call this level sub-consciousness. No matter if it is consciousness or sub-consciousness, they are all creations of your mind. When you go to sleep, you are in a dream.  When you awake, we say that you wake up.  Actually, you are in another dream.  You cannot be aware of your thoughts right now.  For sure, you have thoughts.  People think that in the night time, they have a dream.  Actually in the day time, they still have a dream.  You do not even know you have a dream.  You can call all activities in the subconscious level dream.