July 25, 2011

Student: How to make our life better?

Master: To make life better, the fastest way is to purify your mind Do not base on the phenomenon and try to change the phenomenon right away.  A phenomenon is created and manifested by the mind. In order to have a better phenomenon, we should fix the problem in mind first.  That is what we call cause and effect. To purify your mind, meditate more.  People might laugh at you since you go to practice and meditate.  They think that you are wasting time. No, it is not that you are trying to escape from your responsibility and trying to become passive.  Changing your working pattern is really positive.  If you want to change the phenomenon without purifying yourself, nothing can be done.  You only create more mess.  It is because we cannot see the root of  phenomena and we cannot see the root which causes phenomena.  Only by purifying your mind and working through different patterns, you are able to manifest different results.  Remember, the right seed guarantees the right fruit in the future.