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May 26, 2011

Feel your body right now and notice any tension that is present. Now try to become conscious of how your mind creates that tension in the body. This is the practice of the Mind teaching of Zen because without the mind, the body won’t be alive; without the mind, the body will not have tension nor comfort. If reality is our creation, then this body is certainly a Mind-made reality. If we cannot realize the inseparable nature of the Mind and body, how can we realize that the trees, the sky, the air we breathe, the mountains, the rivers, and friends and enemies are all our own creation and therefore become free? The Buddha has often stressed how important mindfulness of the body is:

If one thing, O monks, is developed and cultivated, ignorance is abandoned, supreme knowledge arises, delusion of self is given up, the underlying tendencies are eliminated, and the fetters are discarded. What is that one thing? It is mindfulness directed to the body.

-Anguttara Nikaya

Have you had any physical condition that you cured by recognizing and changing your state of mind? Please share your story.