April 1, 2011

From Zen Master Miao Tsan, “True liberation is the ability to remain in a state of complete freedom in the midst of impermanence. It is the ability to live in this changing world from an unchanging oneness of mind and matter. In this state of oneness, we find peace and joy. Change causes panic and confusion for ordinary beings. In an attempt to regain and maintain a delusory sense of stability and existence, which they cherish as “I,” they grasp for control of the situations that surround them. But evolved beings are able to rest in profound peace amid change, manifesting the universal principles and the innate purity of the Mind. Because evolved beings have eradicated the false “I,” they are able to reunite with the Collective, free of any sense of separation in their material and spiritual lives. Everything that happens is impermanent, so immortality cannot be established upon any phenomenon in space and time. The only eternal property of the existence we experience is ceaseless change. In other words, the eternity founded on the nature of the Mind is the true eternity. That eternity is the ability to continuously create, manifest, and encompass phenomena from the Mind’s primordial nature. The innate emptiness of the Mind–its ability to manifest everything that happens but not be bound by any of it–is the eternity of the Mind’s essence. In a similar way, the Mind’s limitless capacity to create and manifest all forms of existence, such as the unlimited capacity and potential for creation, is eternal. And this eternity is the eternity of the functioning of the Mind.”